Is it time to break up?

Is it time to break up?


Whenever you tend to trail back to memories of when you were single, what feeling does it bring to your mind?

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you see your partner?

Suppose you wanted to go out for dinner to a fancy restaurant and your partner wanted to cook at home. What would you end up doing?

If you were watching a movie with your partner in which the lead pair breaks up in a very unfortunate way, what would your reaction be?

Which compliment did you give your partner most recently?

If you were having dinner with your friends and one of them said something to the effect of mocking or ridiculing your partner, you would

If you were asked to make a list about the things you love about your partner, how much time would it take you?

Suppose you had an ugly fight with your partner. Who would be the first one to make up?

Your partner is away from you for a week. How would you feel?

Is it time to break up?
Yes, you should definitely break up with your partner.
Fights and conflicts have become the essence of your relationship. You are no more interested in being with your partner. Your relationship is void of all romance, tenderness and love. You need to move on.
You don't always get along with your partner but you should give it some more time.
You have significant amount of fights and misunderstandings with your partner but you're not sure whether it is due to your strong personality or problems in your relationship.
It's not time to break up at all.
You are extremely satisfied in your relationship with your partner and show no signs of conflict, distrust or misunderstandings. You are going strong and you don't need to even vaguely think about breaking up!
Your relationship has a lot of mood swings.
You and your partner are swinging between being extremely compatible in some situations and being totally opposite and having conflicting opinions in others. You both need to have stable behaviors towards each other before deciding whether you need to break up or not.