Is it time to divorce?

Is it time to divorce?


Suppose your partner takes a month's leave from work. What are you likely to do as a couple?

If you were to get hospitalized today for a major surgery, do you think your partner would spend all their money to get you treated in a comfortable and private hospital? For the sake of this question, let's assume that your partner is in a financial condition to easily afford such expenses.

If you and your partner have a fight, how likely is it that the argument or fight will turn violent?

Does your partner indulge in substance abuse? Is he/she addicted despite of repeated attempts by you and other family members to save them?

When was the last holiday that you and your partner had together?

Suppose your partner goes out with his/her friends on a weekend night. After a few drinks, your partner is approached by an attractive person of the opposite sex. Do you have the slightest of doubts that one thing could lead to another and they may end up in bed?

Do you have kids who are younger than 18? If yes, how old are they?

How many times have you and your partner already visited a relationship counselor or any other qualified and professional expert to try and sort things out between the two of you?

In the last 5 years, has your partner been arrested for any kind of offense? If yes, has he/she moved on from the past and improved as a person?

Is it time to divorce?
You should not get a divorce.
Despite your differences, you and your partner still seem to have respect for each other. You both seem to be putting in effort to make your marriage work.
Your marriage is on the rocks.
You may have tried to save your marriage, but the truth is that your relationship with your partner is on the rocks. But it is still a bit early to think about a divorce.
It's time for you to think of about a divorce.
Despite all your efforts, your partner seems to be adamantly stuck to his/her bad habits and bad behavior. Your partner is making no effort to salvage your relationship and it seems to be the end of the road for your marriage.
There is still time to salvage your marriage.
You and your partner seem to be at a stage where you may be going for each other's throats but there is still hope left. Both of you show bleak signs of compatibility that once brought you together.