Should I get married?

Should I get married?


How long have you been dating your partner?

After getting married, suppose your partner's parents decided to move in with you, would you accept that?

What would your first reaction be if you got to know that your best friend was getting married?

Are you or your partner in too much debt?

Have you and your partner talked about what your future life together will look like?

According to you, a family of four is just fine - you, your partner and your two kids. What are your partner's thoughts about the same?

Would you ever consider signing a pre-nuptial with your partner before getting married?

If your partner proposed to you tomorrow in the most unexpected of situations, would you accept?

How do you generally like to spend your weekends?

Should I get married?
You should get married.
You are in the perfect stage of life to get married. You have a responsible and mature attitude towards marriage and are ready to give the kind of commitment that marriage requires.
You could think about getting married.
You definitely have all the traits of someone who is in the right frame of mind to get married. But sometimes, you have second thoughts. Give yourself some more time before you decide to get married.
You shouldn't get married.
You have not reached a stage in life where you can be responsible enough to get married. You still need to be more mature and understand the gravity of wedlock before you walk down the aisle.
You are unsure whether you want to get married or not.
Sometimes, you think you would love being married, and sometimes you have second thoughts. Calm your mind and think about what you want before taking any decision.