Should you call a guy after a date?

Should you call a guy after a date?


Who organized the whole date?

Did he come and pick you up for the date?

During your date, how many times did he use his cell phone to send a text message or chat with someone?

What were the words that the guy used to compliment you on how you looked during the date?

Who paid for the date?

Talking about chivalry, did he open doors, pull out chairs and do other things that you'd expect chivalrous men to do?

During the date, what did the conversation between you and him revolve around?

What is the best thing that you remember about the date?

What was the last thing that he said to you when you parted ways?

Should you call a guy after a date?
You should not call him.
Your date wasn't the best and the guy was pretty dull. You can fare much better with someone else.
You should not call him but you should wait for his call.
Let's face it, the date wasn't exactly fantastic. But you still managed to strike a chord with the guy whom you think may open up as you get to know him well. Wait for his call.
You should call him.
The guy seems to be a fantastic person whom you shouldn't let go. You two seem to have struck a fantastic chord. You should definitely call him.
Call him only after you have given the date a serious thought.
There is apparent confusion over how you feel about the guy and how you felt about the date. Gather your thoughts and sleep over it. You should get a clear picture soon and if you feel like going out on another date with him, call him. Else, give him a skip.