The common sense test

The common sense test


Who is the Prime Minister of America?

You spill some ketchup on your white shirt. What is the first thing you do?

Suppose it is pouring heavily and you run outside to the shed to get some shelter, would you get wet?

If a tree fell in a forest and you didn't hear or see it falling, did it still fall?

Thank God you're not an atheist. Is this sentence correct?

How many months in a year have 28 days?

Does your left hand side become your right hand side in the mirror?

You get a text message saying that you've won a lucky draw of a million dollars and you need to submit your contact details to claim the prize. What will you do?

A fly is constantly buzzing in your ears and harassing you. After some time, you find the fly sitting still on the table. What will you do?

The common sense test
You have common sense
You have common sense. You seem to be a practical person who has a lot of common sense. You answer after thinking and you have the knack of spotting obvious mistakes. You don't seem to get fooled, misled or influenced by anything or anyone too easily.
You have some common sense
You have some common sense. You seem to have some amount of common sense but you tend to get confused easily. You seem to think too much before answering and you read between the lines a lot. If you were asked a tricky question that required simple common sense, you could get baffled.
You don't have common sense
You don't have common sense. You seem to get stumped at the commonest and silliest of questions. You tend to answer before thinking and you can't seem to find a catch in any tricky question that you may be asked. You only seem to see the obvious and evident things in life.
You show common sense sometimes
You show common sense sometimes. Your IQ with regards to common sense seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes you show a great amount of common sense and wit and other times you get easily tricked. Your common sense depends on your state of mind and your levels of alertness at a given time.