What movie suits your love story?

What movie suits your love story?


Do you think you are romantic in life?

Are you an emotional person or are you a practical person in life?

Do you believe that true love exists in life, your take?

Do you believe in showing special gestures in love?

Do you believe that a movie should always have a happy ending?

How would you describe yourself in words?

Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?

Do you like simple love stories or love stories with a twist?

And, finally do you believe in love at first sight?

What movie suits your love story?
Titanic perfectly suits your love story as you have a very perfect and subtle love story.
Just like the characters in the movie it was not love at first sight for you. You knew your partner from before, but it was not love at first for you. But, your love story had all the shades of life so Titanic.
Notebook perfectly suits your love story as your love story also has a twist.
You and your partner loved each other, but you guys could not meet because of family pressure and well the circumstances in life. So, Notebook movie defines your love story in the most perfect way in life. It suits you well.
Pretty woman suits your love story as it was love with some things you didn't expect at first.
You and your partner were friends first and then you became close to each other. So, it was like a sweet story of friends turning into lovers for you. Just as the sweet story of Pretty woman which was similar.
The proposal suits your love story to the T.
You and your partner both had things in common. Like, you guys were perfect for each other. And you always wanted that perfect Proposal from your partner to make things clear. So, it is the story that you can relate to. Proposal is the best movie for you.