What Titanic character are you?

What Titanic character are you?


What sort of a person are you in life?

If you were stuck in a bad situation of life, you would?

What kind of a life you would like to live?

What is like your style of clothing, the one you love?

If you were about to die, what would you do before dying?

What is your feeling about pure love in life?

What is your favorite color from the below options?

The qualities you would look for in your partner?

Do you live life for every moment and each day?

What Titanic character are you?
You are oh! so loving Jack.
You are quite talented and open in life. You also have a lively and charming personality. You have some kind of a magical effect on people around you. Everyone gets flattered by your way of talking and things that you say. You like to be a tad different in life and that makes you Jack.
You are the innocent Rose.
You are social, but you are often confused about life. You want too many things at a time. You are often quite because you want to see others happy. With this quest, you often neglect your true feelings and emotions in life. You are a pure and innocent soul who understands love.
You are the jealous soul Billy.
You want everything your way. You have the power to achieve things in life. You often think that if you have the money you can buy everything that you want. So, you have a very different approach towards life. You are often jealous of people in relation and in life.
You are the ever charming Frances.
Well, you believe it is important to maintain your class and dignity in life. And for doing that you can go to any level. What is more important is how people perceive you is your motto in life. You are often moody with things which can also change your outlook.