What type of Entrepreneur are you?

What type of Entrepreneur are you?


A family member asks you to help them raise for charity by next week. Would you:

You set up a lemonade stand to make some pocket money.Would you:

You are given with the aim of making as much money as you can within a year. Would you:

You and a group of friends need to work on a business project idea. What role would you play during the project:

You get a summer-job driving an ice-cream van.Would you:

Your bank loan for your great business idea gets rejected. You are convinced the idea would work. Would you:

Your schedule has been filled for weeks, but an opportunity to network with some business executives arises. Would you:

Choose one of the following sentences which you feel best describes your approach to business.

What type of Entrepreneur are you?
For 45% you are:
Steve Jobs:
You have a strong,
mindful understanding of creative ideas,
premised around your ability to communicate well with others
and bring the best out of them through strong management and leadership.
Areas for development include problem solving, resourcefulness and commercial awareness.