What Vampire Diaries character are you?

What Vampire Diaries character are you?


How would you describe your personality as, the real you?

Do you think you can go to any extent to fulfill your motive?

Do you think you are better off as a human or a vampire?

Do art or things related to art kind of impress you?

What is your best feature which you can call your asset?

Are you kind of nocturnal by nature or you are not?

Would you back stab anyone to fulfill your desires?

Do friends and love play an important part?

Do you get scared of the dead and the evil, be honest?

What Vampire Diaries character are you?
You are Damon.
Well, according to the character, you are quite a stubborn person. Yes, you can also be rude and ruthless at times. You don't really thrive on emotions, but you always thrive on your passions and desires. If you want something, then that is like a final thing for you. There is no stopping.
You are Stefan.
You are quite a broken soul. Actually, you want too many things at a time, but there is some problem always which stops you from the same. You don't really express yourself as a person and that also makes you secretive at times. You cannot really go wrong with things, but still you are indifferent at times.
You are Elena.
You can do anything to fulfill your dreams. You can go to any extent for your happiness. That also makes you selfish or self centered at times. It's not that you don't love people, you do love everyone. But, more than anyone else, you love yourself. So, that makes you rude.
Well, you are Katherine.
You don't really care about people or things around you. You believe in the mantra- live and let live. That makes all the difference in your attitude. You don't think much before doing something that you love. Everything in life is a challenge for you which you like to fulfill.