Which adventure movie should you watch?

Which adventure movie should you watch?


Do you like to drive fast cars or things with speed?

What type of adventure games do you love to play daily?

What is your favorite thing to do in adventure, please pick one?

Will you complete a challenge given to you or leave it without trying?

Do you think reality is good or you live in the world of fiction?

What type of color attracts you the most in life, your choice?

What kind of weapon would you choose to kill your enemy?

Pick your favorite sport from the below given options?

Would you be a part of a secret mission to kill everyone around you?

Which adventure movie should you watch?
You should watch the Star wars as you like adventure with a plot.
The plot of the movie revolves around the hostage of the princess by the imperial forces. The graphics of the movie are excellent so you would just love the adventure fun in the movie. In the game form, there is a version too. Do catch the flick this weekend.
You should watch the Avengers as you like some thrill and magical powers in life.
When there is a threat all the forces get combined to save the planet earth. The character and graphics of avengers make this adventure flick a great watch. You would love the action and the context that would take you to another world for sure.
You should watch the Lord of the rings, as you just love thriller adventure series.
A ring in the process of destruction also teaches about human stories and relationships. This adventure flick should be watched for its unique story and some lovely special effects. If you are an adventure junkie, then do watch this movie.
You should watch the Hunger games.
The movie is about the spirit of adventure and undying survival for life. A team when selected to destroy has to fight for the survival as well. It's a must watch flick for its graphics and adventure scenes. You will love the concept of the movie and its different scenes. Watch the movie!