Which animated movie should you watch?

Which animated movie should you watch?


What do you like to do when you are free, your past time?

What type of a person are you in life, your nature is like?

What is your favorite time of the day as in your time?

Which is your favorite season in the year, the one you like?

Your favorite kind of food, what do you like to eat?

Do you like to help your friends when they need you in life?

What is your selfie style as in the way you pose for others?

You can't live without, please choose from the below options?

Do you like to sing along with your friends and have fun, be honest?

Which animated movie should you watch?
You should watch the Toy story as your life is a tad similar.
You like to interact with your family and friends a lot. You are up to something or the other all the time. You love innovations and creations and that may spark the mood for you. You also live for your family and friends, so toy story is the best choice for you.
You should watch the Shrek movie as you like movies that are larger than life.
You are all for creativity in life. The movie will take you to another world of fantasy. Shrek has some amazing graphics and that will really make you happy. It's a perfect animated flick if you want to see a change in life, watch it with your besties.
You should watch Lion king.
The classic animated story of lion king will take you to an old era of friendship and relationships between animals. A lovely movie also invokes feelings and emotions in you. Catch the flick with your family to have some fun. The scenes will make you go aww! Do watch it this weekend.
You should watch the movie Finding Nemo.
This one will surely touch your heart. The best part about the movie is the graphics and story. A family when sets in search for Nemo face many things but still there is something magical about the movie. You should watch this flick with your family and have an amazing time.