Which chick flick to watch with your mum this Mother’s day?

Which chick flick to watch with your mum this Mother’s day?


What type of bond do you share with your mother?

Do you want to take your mother on a trip to some exotic location?

Do you share stuff with you mother, gossips and all?

Do you think your mom is totally cool?

Is your mother cool with your friends?

Do you tell your mother about the person you date?

Do you talk about your future wedding to your mother?

Do you keep secrets from your mother?

Is you mother the humorous types?

Which chick flick to watch with your mum this Mother's day?
13 going on 30 is the right movie for the two of you because the bond you share is very special and close knit.
You share everything which each other and that'll make the both of you enjoy this hilarious but thoughtful movie to the fullest. It seems that you are totally comfortable with you mother and both of you are dependent on each other in some or the other way.
The right movie for the two of you is "He's just not that into you".
You and your mother have fights but you cannot survive without you nor can you survive without her. The bond the two of you share is very special, just like a typical mother-daughter duo. This movie will take the two of you on a whole new ride of emotions. Keep some tissues ready!
Seems that you and your mother are having some troubles, but hey both of you dream to go to some exotic location for a getaway!
And that makes "Mamma Mia!" the perfect movie for the two of you. Watching the movie, you'll give each other a chance to get close and be the mother-daughter duo everyone envies of!
The relationship you and your mother share is very unique.
There are fights but a lot of sharing too. It seems like the two of you cannot survive without each other. You rely on each other for a lot many things which makes "The Kids are All Right" the perfect movie for you to watch on mother's day!