Which Comedy movie defines your life?

Which Comedy movie defines your life?


How will you describe yourself as a person?

How do you mostly like to spend a free day?

What is your favorite color, the color you love?

What is the most important thing for you in life?

What is your all time favorite juice?

How is your present state like in life?

How do you normally react to a funny situation?

What is one quality you hate about people?

Do you think that you were naughty when you were a kid?

Which Comedy movie defines your life?
Little Miss Sunshine defines your life.
You are too jolly by nature but you are also bored easily. You want to have some fun and want to do every possible thing in life. But, your life does get screwed up because of that. You are too fussy about things but you also stay happy in life, so yes good for you.
Mrs. Doubt fire defines your life.
You want to do something different in life. And, in that quest you tend to annoy everyone around. But, at times people also laugh at your fun ways. You like to love and be loved in life. You have a balance in life that makes you happy and jolly at times and changes your mood.
Dumb and Dumber defines your life.
You are silly in you ways, but your intention is never wrong. You are strong in your thoughts in whatever you do. You act dumb in front of people but only to make them smile. You like to spread happiness all around you and that is like your main intention in life.
Liar Liar defines your life.
You are a big prankster in life. You do things to irritate people in a good fun. You lie a lot not in actual terms, only for some fun. You have a heart of gold due to which you also confess your lie. You are never really wrong with things and that makes you perfect in your life.