Which Harry Porter character are you?

Which Harry Porter character are you?


What would you want to be in life, pick an option?

Describe yourself in words, the person that you are in life?

What is your favorite pick in books, the one you love?

What kind of food do you like to savor, take a pick?

Any one drink that you would love to have, your favorite?

What kind of music attracts you in life, take your pick?

Do you feel that friendship and love are important to survive?

What do you do in your spare time as in your free time?

Can you describe your ideal life partner?

Which Harry Porter character are you?
You are Harry as you are self disciplined in life.
You know what you really want and that is the reason you are clear on all your goals of life. You never compromise for the sake of your self-respect. You always look at brighter side of things. You also have that confidence to do things in your own way. You aren't really scared of anything in life.
You are Luna as you have your own perception in life.
You are romantic at heart and you like to live in your dreamy world at times. You don't care for others or their thinking. But, yes you are protective about the ones you love in life. You also face new challenges and you are never scared to do things which you don't like, you are brave.
You are Fred as you have a clever thinking. Your mind is sharp so you kind of manipulate with things also.
You are an opportunist and you never miss the opportunity that comes your way. You can also be a prankster in life as you love to play pranks with people you know. You can be good with people you love and bad with people you hate.
You are Ron as you are little confused about life.
You have that understanding of things, but you are indecisive in your ways. Though, your adaption power is pretty good in life. You are often in search of things that you also don't know. But, you are a good friend and you keep proving the same time and again, that makes you perfect in life.