Which Harry Potter Movie character are you?

Which Harry Potter Movie character are you?


What is your body type, be specific?

Do you always care for the rules around?

Do you have an obsession about something in life?

Do you think that you are a very social person?

Do you hold grudges for a very long time in life?

Do you always get back to someone who hurts you?

Do you have a crush on your friend?

Do you think that people pay heed to what you say?

Do you wear glasses?

Which Harry Potter Movie character are you?
You are Remus Lupin.
You have a nature of a protector. So you won't really take risks in life until you find it worth taking. Also, you have a mind of your own so you won't really do things to please everyone in life. You are extrovert by nature and you can easily chase your dreams and desires in life.
You are Draco.
You always fulfill your duty no matter what comes your way. You do what you have to do. Actually, you have some set rules in life which make you a tad different in your approach. You are too disciplined when it comes to life and its reasons. You can be chilled out at times in life though.
You are Harry Potter.
You are too focused on life. You are loyal and honest towards everything that you do in life. Your focus can take you to places in life. You are a gem of a person because you have a kind heart. You can also give your life for people you love, so that makes you really special in life.
You are Ginny.
You are the doer in life. You always think about others first. You can sacrifice anything to bring a smile on other person's face. You believe in living the life to the fullest. That is the reason you always live in the present rather than past. You are great at whatever you do in life.