Which Hollywood Vampire are you?

Which Hollywood Vampire are you?


Do you think you are an emotional vampire?

What is your favorite time of the day?

Do you think you can kill someone brutally as a vampire?

Do you think you are a bit psycho or you are weird?

Which is your favorite animal, the one you love the most?

What is your most favorite color, the color you love?

What is your ideal choice, to be a vampire or rather a were wolf?

What is your choice in movies, the movie you like?

Do you think you are content and happy being a vampire?

Which Hollywood Vampire are you?
You are the Max Schreck from the movie Nosferatu the vampire.
Well, you are the creepiest looking vampire ever. Looks like you have the will to kill anyone who comes your way. Your looks are so deadly, that your victim can faint just by looking at you. You are the most dangerous vampire ever.
You are the Blade from the movie Blade. You are an indifferent type of a vampire.
But, you have a good heart. You don't harm anyone who comes in your way and that is your most amazing trait. You are on a mission and you want to complete the mission come what may, you never fail.
You are the Bill Paxton from the movie Near dark.
Looks like you do face lots of challenges which come your way. You are never really unapologetic in your ways. If you ever eat your victims, you actually enjoy the process. So, your victims are usually scared of you because you are pretty dangerous.
You are Lily Taylor from the movie Addiction.
Well, looks like you are an emotional vampire. You don't want to know things, you don't want to own anything which comes your way. You always thrive on things that are important to you. You have a will to achieve something that you want.