Which Home Alone Movie character are you?

Which Home Alone Movie character are you?


What is your hair color, your original color?

Do you think that you are too smart in life, your take?

Do you have the confidence to do things alone in life?

If someone ever attacks you with something, your reaction?

What would you do if you were stuck in a tough situation?

What is your favorite color, the color you love?

What is one word that would describe you well?

Do you have the will to face anything in life?

Are you scared of anything in your life?

Which Home Alone Movie character are you?
You are Kevin.
Your imagination power is too good. You are strong enough to face any situation. Even if the situation is tough, you put up a fight and give it back. You are really sharp with new ideas in life. Your attitude will take you far away in life so you need to be happy. You are too cool.
You are Harry.
Well, you are really sharp with things. If something goes wrong, you don't sit and cry. Rather you think about ways to get out from the situation. You have many new ideas in life. But, your over confidence can harm you at times so you need to be alert on this one. You know the right way to do things.
Well, you are Peter.
You get carried away with things and situations and you have to suffer a lot because of that. You want to do things in your way but you end up doing things according to other people. You are a copy cat who can copy others as well. Though, you have sharp skills to defend.
Looks like you are Marley, the old man.
Well, you have two ways in life. You look like a bit stern and firm, but you are too soft from inside. You look like you are too stubborn with things, but the fact is you are generous in life. So you know the right approach to things in life.