Which horror movie should you watch?

Which horror movie should you watch?


Do you like to travel all alone in life, be honest on this one?

Do you get scared seeing blood and the dead bodies? Be honest?

Will you go out at 3 A.M at night and walk on the road?

Do you like scary kind of movies or you prefer the creepy kind, your pick?

Do you really get tensed when you see dolls or things that are scary?

What type of movie attracts you modern horror or the classic horror?

Do you think that ghosts and spirits do exist in life, be true on this one?

How do you ideally react when you see a spooky horror movie?

Do you like to watch horror movies with family or you like it alone?

Which horror movie should you watch?
You should watch The Thing as you are quite weary about things in life.
On the serious note, you like horror movies, which have some mystery element in them. You also like movies, which are based on a plot like thriller. So, this would be an ideal choice for you as you prefer traditional horror more than the modern theme in a movie.
You should watch the Evil Dead.
The thrilling plot will keep you at the edge of your seats. You should watch the movie for its effects and you would love the screams around. But if you are planning to watch the same, then don't watch it alone. The movie is scary so you would need someone to support you as well.
You should watch the Scream.
The plot is quite different from other horror flicks. It revolves around the murder mystery and ghost theme. You will definitely scream watching this flick as in the title of the movie. It also has a physic murder element that will make you scared. So, this should be in your wish list if you want to see a different movie.
You should watch the Ring movie.
The movie has an awesome plot where anyone who watches the video tape dies in seven days. Its quite interesting as there is an element of suspense in the movie too. You will get really scared of the effects in the movie. Don't watch the movie alone as it can also have an impact on you, do think about it.