Which movie Bffs are you and your best Friend?

Which movie Bffs are you and your best Friend?


How do you survive a tough situation?

What is your favorite type of cuisine, please pick one?

Where did you actually meet your bestie, the place?

Which is your favorite animal, the one you love?

Do you like to share all secrets of your life with your bestie?

Where do you usually like to hang out with your bestie?

Do you think that you and your friend share great vibes?

Will you hug your friend after a fight with your friend, be true?

How will you describe your friendship with your bestie?

Which movie Bffs are you and your best Friend?
Looks like your pair is Annie Walker and Lillian Donovan from the movie Bridesmaid.
Your friendship is truly sweet and sour just like the pair in the movie. At one moment, you share everything with your bestie and the other moment you are fighting with her. But, that is really a sweet type of friendship.
You and your bestie are Thelma and Louise from the movie Thelma & Louise.
You guys share a very emotional kind of a bond with each other. You confide everything in her and she also does the same. You support your bestie in everything she does. So, this is really a great friendship bond.
You and your bestie are like Mike and Trent from the movie Swingers.
Actually your friendship is based on trust and compatibility. So, it all depends on your way of treating your friend. You guys may not talk to each other, but still you understand each other so well. So, your friendship also surpasses the silence between you guys.
You and your bestie are like Harry and Ron from the movie Harry Potter.
You don't really try hard to keep up with the friendship because you truly know that your friend is standing right behind supporting you for so many things. You guys also share the same equation which Harry and Ron share, so that is similar.