Which movie suits your life?

Which movie suits your life?


What kind of a person are you, your nature is like?

What kind of a book would you like to read?

What is your general preference in music?

What would you choose from the below given options?

Which movie suits your life?
The Godfather movie suits your life as you are a rebel by nature.
You have your own desires and dreams. To fulfill those desires, you can go to any extent. You have a charming aura and personality that can attract anyone you meet.
Casablanca movie suits your life.
You are a die hard romantic. You love your partner a way too much. Actually, everything that is romantic in life attracts you. You can go to any level to see your partner happy. That is your most unique characteristics. The movie suits you as you are also similar.
Die hard movie suits your life as you are bold and confident in life.
You never back out from things that matter. You also face challenges in life as you don't get scared of anything that comes your way. The movie suits your character as you are also willing and determined to achieve things.
It's a wonderful life suits you as you also live in a similar way.
You are quite happy go lucky and a lively soul. As a matter of fact, you like to spread happiness wherever you go. The movie is about happiness and one life that you live. You also believe in the same mantra, so it suits you.