Which musical movie are you?

Which musical movie are you?


Which music genre is your pick, the genre you like the most?

Pick your favorite choice in clothes, your style please?

What do you normally like to see in a music-based movie?

Pick a place you would love to go with your friends, anyone?

Do you think you have a traditional thinking or modern approach?

How do you normally spend your weekends, choose an option?

What impression do people have about you as a person?

What kind of place would you choose for your first date, be specific?

Would you be all bold to express your love or subtle kind?

Which musical movie are you?
You are Moulin Rouge as you have a very modern approach towards things.
You love music along with dance. Creativity attracts you a lot in life and you like being different. Change is important for you; you cannot constantly stick to something. Just as the lively essence of this movie, your personality is also similar.
You are the Sound of music movie.
Life for you is similar as you are a pure soul. You like your music pure, in fact, music is your life, and you just love your music by heart and soul. Music is like an art and inspiration in your life. It can take you to another world; therefore you value its presence in your life a lot.
You are High school musical as you are free spirited in life.
You have lots of energy to do things that you like. You like the modern and rock version of the music. It is your dream and passion to have live concerts all over the world. You can relate to high school musical because of your approach towards music, you are similar.
You are Chicago, as you like to dance along with the music.
You like to express your emotions in the form of music just like the movie. You can say that is the essence of the movie Chicago. You are similar as music is life for you. But, you also see dance as a passion along with it. You have the right beat and class of the movie.