Which romantic movie should you watch?

Which romantic movie should you watch?


What kind of romance do you like the most, please be honest?

What attracts you the most in the romantic flick or the movie?

Which genre of romantic flick is your pick the one you love?

Do you think locations make romantic movie even more worth watching?

What kind of color attracts you the most in context of love?

Do you like to get all mushy with your partner, please be honest?

Your favorite place for the first kiss, please pick one?

Do you think romance is an important part of life and relationship?

Are you a diehard romantic person at heart, please be true?

Which romantic movie should you watch?
You should watch the Notebook.
The classic tale of love when two lovers separate because of circumstances but in spite of all odds their love remains the same. The movie has a magical feel of classic and modern era of love. Notebook will make you believe that true love does exist in life and the meaning of soul mate is also so true.
You should watch the Titanic.
This one looks like the fairy tale romance where two people meet fall in love and promise to stay together. The love is so pure that death can also not separate them. Titanic movie makes you believe that you can get true love anywhere in life, what is destined will come your way so wait.
You should watch the movie Dirty dancing.
The flick is about love that goes beyond all boundaries. A classic saga of love, which is expressed through dance. You will go Aww! watching the chemistry between the lead pairs. Do watch this flick with someone you love or with your friends to get the real feel of the movie.
You should watch the movie Pretty woman.
This is an ideal movie based on practical love. Love does not see anything beyond the heart. When a rich man meets a prostitute, the story becomes all the more pure. Love is a feeling that is purely depicted in this tale of love. Watch it with your loved one for sure.