Which The Hunger Games movie character are you?

Which The Hunger Games movie character are you?


If someone is stuck in a difficult situation, would you help?

According to you what is your best trait?

Do you think you will go against your family or friends ever?

What do you normally do when you have free time?

At a party, would you go and dance or sit in one corner?

Are you fond of music or do you play musical instruments?

Who do you mostly confide in your secrets?

Do you always remain calm or do you stress over things?

Are you physically strong or mentally strong, be true?

Which The Hunger Games movie character are you?
You are Katniss; you are quite responsible in your actions and things you do.
When you take a decision regarding something, it is always wise. You like to do things your way but you also follow other people's advice in life. You take care of your family and friends and make them feel special.
You are Peeta. Actually, you are quite thoughtful and caring with your ways. But, you are a way too moody.
Because of your mood swings, others around you are also affected. You can do anything for the one you love, so in a way you are kind by nature. You have your own way of looking at things.
You are Haymitch.
Well, you are lost in your thoughts at most times and that also makes you a lazy soul. You do help people and care about them at times. But, you are also manipulative or indifferent at times. You heard that right, you can be indifferent with things that you don't like, so that is your nature.
You are Effie. Well, you always think about yourself.
You want to fulfill your dreams and desires. You want to do everything that gives you immense happiness. As a matter of fact, that also makes you a tad selfish in your approach towards life. You can also be a little rude with people.