Which Twilight character are you?

Which Twilight character are you?


Are you emotionally dependent in life?

Do you believe that true love still exists in the world?

If you lose something which is precious to you, your reaction?

Do you like to lead or you like to follow in life?

How is your nature like, the person you are?

According to you what is like your best asset in life?

What do you want the most in life, one thing the most?

Do you think your family and friends are important?

Will you ever go against your family for your love in life?

Which Twilight character are you?
You are Bella.
You are too emotional and loving in life. Actually, you want to love everyone around you but you often get confused regarding your feelings. You want to go with your love but at the same time you don't want to hurt anyone in the process.
You are Edward.
You are quite a complex character in life. You want to show your feelings but still you remain secretive about things. When you fall in love, you love from your heart. Your love is truly pure just like you. Being Edward you can also be indifferent at times but in your own way.
You are Jacob.
You are quite friendly with everyone. You believe in helping others so that others remain happy. You never think about yourself first. Rather you think about others. But, well, you can also be moody with things. If you don't feel something is right, you won't go with that particular thing so you are Jacob.
You are Jasper.
Well, you are quite a balanced soul. You first see things and then react. Though, you always help others in things but still there are some deep secrets of your mind as well. You do keep some grudges in mind at times but other than that you are quite friendly by nature.