Who is your favorite cartoon kid?

Who is your favorite cartoon kid?


Do you like to watch funny cartoons or serious kinds?

What is your most preferred choice in food please pick any one?

Which is your most favorite subject, the one you love the most?

Would you ever go out of your way to help someone in life?

Where do you ideally like to hang out with friends, a place?

How will you truly describe yourself in a word, be honest?

What kind of adventure activity would you prefer to do in life?

Please choose one priority that you think is important for you?

How do you normally relax in your free time, please pick any one option?

Who is your favorite cartoon kid?
You are Tweety the fun loving cartoon kid from the Looney tunes series.
You are at your chirpy best, but you also pay heed to what people think about you. You are always there when your friends need you in life. You are cute and you know it, many people give you compliments for being sweet in life, so be happy as you are.
You are Shin chan the cartoon kid who is always naughty.
You always try to pull pranks on your friends and family. Like shin chan, there is something on your mind all the time. You believe that it is important to live for the moment and that is why you like being as you are. You are at your naughty best like the cartoon kid.
You are Noddy as you are too creative by nature.
You like to explore many things in life and that is what makes you a good learner. You never really call anyone for help. You always try to do things yourself and that is why you are also dependent in your ways. You are humble by nature and also hardworking.
You are Doraemon the robot cat from doraemon series.
You like to help people all the time. You are creative by nature and you have a sound knowledge of things around you. Just like doraemon, you explore lots of things which are unknown to you. Your love for cakes relate to doraemon who just cannot stay without his dora cake in life.